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Why Cool Rivers

the creative community

We are a community-driven platform, creating a trusted space for both Creators and collectors to feel at home.

Why Cool RiversWhy Cool RiversWhy Cool Rivers

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How it works

ShapingA fairerFuture

Talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not, we’re here to keep both flowing. With every investment, we donate a percentage to our Emerging Talent fund.

Established Creators shine a light on Emerging Talent, helping us on our mission to support the collective creative community.

Invest in what you love, and feel great knowing it’s helping others too.Because, when passion and purpose sit hand in hand, meaningful value is made.In the space between technology and creativity, we’re making a positive impact.

Your Drift

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Your drift is about who you are and what you love, enabling you to share that love with new friends and your community.

You can make it your own and make it a home for all of your beautiful things collected on Cool Rivers.