We are a creative,
platform for Creators.

We serve those who value authenticity, fairness, purpose and creativity.

Why we exist...
Jude Vidal, Founder & CEO


Our values are the steady undercurrent that takes us forward, influencing every decision we make, and every connection we build.

Empowering Emerging Talent

We get it - the grind, the hustle, the soul-deep need to create. Your work isn’t just a product - it’s a piece of you. And it deserves a space that values it as much as you do.

Protecting legacies

We want to honour and protect the legacies and profiles of established Creators and brands, helping them enrich and extend their profile and communities.

Meaningful philanthropy

We're making it cool to care by reframing what it means to give back and support the creative community. You can invest in something great, and do great things too.

Narrative threads

We are all about storytelling, as we know that’s where the real value is. In a world where we don't trust whats real anymore, we focus on the authentic story across all areas of the platform.


OUR origin story

Jude is the founder of Cool Rivers, she has captured some of the world's most prestigious sporting events and immortalised through her photojournalism, some of the most iconic musicians of our era.

Beyond her lens, Jude personally understands the hustle and challenges Creators endure, both economically and creatively.

Her insight and experience is at the heart of our platform and has helped shape it. Therefore, Cool Rivers is designed with a commitment to purpose, value and of harnessing the power of creativity to effect positive change.

Powered by Ethereum / Polygon (MATIC) sustainable blockchain technology, which makes it simpler for you to buy in the most cost-effective way. By using MATIC, you’re not just investing in a collectible, you are part of an innovative, eco-friendly community.


A purpose driven platform that is all about impact. Your purchase flows into three areas...